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We’re building a powerful community of kindness ambassadors around the world through interactive programs, impactful events, and simple ways to get involved. Just One Chesed seizes every opportunity to spread acts of kindness, embracing every way to make a positive impact! 

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Project Giveback

Project GiveBack was created in order to give back to Chayalim and first responders in Israel! Our goal is to find ways to make life easier and show appreciation.

Project Check-In

An antidote to the isolating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Project Check-In paired volunteers with those in need of assistance and friendship during difficult times.

Project Uplift

Started as a way to uplift the soul and create unity during the pandemic, Project Uplift broadcasted virtual entertainment events, including concerts, magic shows, and tours of Israel.

Project Gratitude

Inspired by the incredible optimism of Rabbi Leo Dee. Make daily gratitude a practice for everyone.

Chesed Challenges

An engaging way to get people involved in acts of kindness, our Chesed Challenges empower everyone to join the chesed revolution.

Just One Story

Engaging and inspiring weekly videos based on real-life Chesed stories.
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Planned Chesed Days:

Packing food for the needy.

Volunteering with children in the hospital.

Organizing a BBQ for IDF soldiers.

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