Go beyond yourself.

We’re building a powerful community of kindness ambassadors around the world through interactive programs, impactful events, and simple ways to get involved. 

Our Mission

Just One Chesed is a global movement of giving. We inspire and educate people to make chesed the driving force in their lives, providing them with the tools and resources to make giving easier than ever.

Our Tools


Our mobile app, online chesed directory, and advanced volunteer management software streamline the chesed experience for organizations, schools, and volunteers.


Our school programs and online community empower people around the world to integrate chesed into their daily lives.


Our personal connections and database of reputable organizations allow us to serve both volunteers and organizations as an all-in-one chesed hub for the Jewish world.

Our Story

The seeds for Just One Chesed were planted in 2010, when Jerry Latinik was looking for a way to lift the spirits of his community in Chicago, where many people were suffering from the effects of the financial crash of 2008. Together with a few friends, Jerry put together a “Shabbos of Achdus” (unity) for seven shuls. Despite the fact that none of the organizers had much money to work with, everyone agreed that the event was enormously successful. 

“I realized that there are so many more ways that we can give, even without money.
We can give the biggest thing of all, which is giving of ourselves.” 

Following that experience, Jerry was motivated to create a central hub connecting those in need with those who want to help – even if all they had to give was a single act of chesed. Working off the simple but profound concept that one act of kindness can change the world, Just One Chesed was officially born in 2016 as a one-stop-shop for all things chesed. Since then, it has grown to serve individuals, families, communities, schools, and organizations who want to do their part in making the world a kinder place – in the easiest way possible.

Our Team



Founder & CEO
After years of success in the business and startup world, Jerry turned his entrepreneurial skills and management experience into his real passion: making the world a better place. Jerry is the Founder & President of Special Care, a healthcare company that he built from the ground up, and he has always been involved in promoting kindness in his local Jewish community. He is passionate about inspiring and enabling others to help those in need. Born in Chicago, Jerry currently lives in Efrat, Israel, with his wife and 3 children.



Chief Operating Officer
Joe is enthusiastic about working in and connecting between different types of organizations, ensuring that they all operate as smoothly as possible. He worked at Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh in Jerusalem as a rabbi and teacher, as well as recruiting new students, running events, organizing trips, and managing the program for second-year students. Joe received his Semicha under HaRav Aharon Bina and HaRav Zalman Nechamia Goldberg. Originally from Woodmere, NY, Joe currently lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Rebecca, and their two children.



Project Development Manager
Excited about tech and passionate about kindness, Wayne is dedicated to combining the two to help people in need as efficiently as possible. Before making aliyah, Wayne founded and operated a chesed organization in South Africa through which more than 200 volunteers visited the sick, distributed food to the needy, and supported partnering chesed organizations. He also founded two micro-location start-ups that provide indoor navigation and monitoring services. Originally from South Africa, Wayne now lives in Israel with his wife and three sons.

Batsheva Head shot - Edited


Marketing Manager
As the creative marketing director for Just One Chesed, Batsheva’s passion is to use her marketing skills to make a positive impact on the world! With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Batsheva has a strong track record of developing successful marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness and engage audiences! Whether it's through social media, email marketing, traditional media channels, and events. I am always looking for new and creative ways to spread the word about the important work Just One Chesed does!



ChesedMatch Head of Operations
Dahlia uses her strong background in sales, healthcare, recruitment, and outreach coordination to manage Just One Chesed’s online directory of global chesed resources. In addition to building connections with organizations around the world, she is also the Lead Case Manager for individuals who contact Just One Chesed directly with sensitive cases. Dahlia also manages the organization’s Chesed Days program, helping families, gap year programs, and companies plan meaningful chesed experiences in Israel. Originally from South Florida, Dahlia made Aliyah in 2014.

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Chesed Depot Logistics Manager and Chesed Match Case Manager Colleen started off at Just One Chesed doing data entry and research for Chesed Match. She moved on to dealing with case management. Today, she manages the Chesed Depot, a project of Just One Chesed which furnishes homes in Israel for lone soldiers, immigrants (both new and not so new), and needy families with dignity and ease. Her new role combines her appreciation for organizational systems and chesed; she worked for many years in Israel and South Africa as an administrative assistant in legal firms and has been actively involved in chesed organizations all her life. She has organized a hosting system for IDF soldiers serving on her moshav, as well as meals for community members in need, including the sick and mothers after birth. A mother of five and grandmother of four, Colleen made aliyah from Pretoria, South Africa in 1989 with her husband and then-ten-week-old daughter.

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Regional Development Officer When I first made aliyah with my wife and two teenage boys in July of 2021, my wife and I went grocery shopping together. Because my wife was nervous to drive alone, I would sit at the chumus place across the street and wait. Week after week I would see soldiers coming in to eat and I told the owner I would like to secretly pay for them. (My wife insisted I add that detail). I wanted to join the Israeli army after high school in the States but I wasn’t able to. I have a deep admiration and unconditional love for those who defend our Homeland. I realized I wanted to see every soldier who walked into that restaurant, rest their tired bodies and enjoy a warm meal. And so began my journey into fundraising for Just One Chesed. I have a background in sales and that, combined with my passion for Israel, brings me to what I love: doing chesed for the Jewish people.

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Head of Student Outreach and Young Leadership Initiatives We're excited and honored to introduce Yonah Rossman, a renowned educator of international acclaim, as the newest addition to the ChesedWorks family. Taking on the role of Head of Student Outreach and Young Leadership Initiatives, Yonah brings a wealth of expertise, unwavering dedication, and a profound passion for education. His arrival heralds a new era of inspiration, guidance, and growth within the Chesed community, both within our schools and beyond.

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Project Manager at Chesed Depot
Menachem comes to Just One Chesed from a rich chesed background. Former COO of the LSC, a nonprofit organization that focuses on supporting lone soldiers, and founder and board chair of Pakal Cafe, an organization that supports volunteers and first responders. Pakal Cafe was tasked by JOC to cultivate a very special initiative to help the thousands of Ukrainian Olim based on its lone soldier moving and sourcing furniture initiative, with Menachem at the helm. Menachem was Director of Operations at the Ari Fuld Project, an organization focused on Israel advocacy and the empowerment of Israel’s armed forces, when he first jumped on board volunteering in his free time. He has since turned his focus on growing Chesed Depot into a full-time endeavor, providing much-needed furniture and appliances to lone soldiers, new Olim, families in need, and growing organizations. He also leads our “Project Giveback”, designed to support Israel’s first response personnel. Menachem’s passion for helping others and creating community is a shining example of the chesed embodiment Just One Chesed is sharing with Am Yisrael worldwide. Menachem lives with his wife, Ruth, and their six children in Efrat.