Project Gratitude

Project Gratitude was inspired by the incredible optimism of Rabbi Leo Dee in the face of tragedy. We hope to help make daily gratitude a practice for everyone. Place this magnet on your fridge, door or car and help change the world.

A message from Rabbi Leo Dee

Lucy and I started asking these three questions after we heard Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks talking about them in a sermon about 20 years ago. We have asked these questions to our children around the Shabbat table for a number of years and we find that it elevates the level of conversation from simply discussing things to expressing gratitude.It is known that there is a strong link between showing gratitude and happiness and therefore if we can teach our kids to be grateful for what others have done for them and for what God has done for them we can bring greater joy into their lives. And by asking them what they’ve done for somebody else, we can also encourage them to be givers throughout their lives. We are delighted that this project is taking place.

With great love,
Leo Dee

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