The 7 Day School challenge

Our vision during these powerful days is to take the knowledge of the need to transform ourselves during the Aseret Yemay Teshuva and turn it into a collective experience of growth that will transform ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Be Kind

The challenges presented to the students will be encouraged through the mantra of “Be Kind – You never know what anyone else is going through”.

Challenge 1

Hakarat Hatov Holiday​
Think about the greatest moments and experiences of your life. Have you genuinely thanked everyone who made those possible? Find a person in your life who has made a profound impact who you haven’t thanked yet and reach out to them, letting them know how much they affected you.

Challenge 2

Donating Day
Search through your room and find things you can donate to help another person then put it aside and commit to donating it.

Challenge 3

Think about one person in your life who could use support whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. Spend FIVE minutes davening for them and committing to a strategy of how you can help for them.

Challenge 4

Posting Up
Take time to write a message of kindness or a quote that you think could help other people in your school. Post it on your locker and inspire your friends!

Challenge 5

Recognition Revolution
What would life be like if we took the time to recognize the people in our schools who do so much but may not get the credit they deserve? Choose a person in your school who you think deserves more credit and give it to them!Write them a letter, deliver it, it will make their day!

Challenge 6

Charity Champion
During these times, it’s essential that we do what we can to step up for those who are in need. Make a donation to the charity you connect to the most. Then, in a platform of your choice, share their message with others so they can become aware of that charity. You can change so many lives!

Challenge 7

The Real Selfie
Write down a list of all of the great things about yourself. It could relate to your personality, your aspirations, or your life experiences that make you proud to be you. Put it right next to your bed and to remind yourself of your greatness and your ability to make this world a better place!

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